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Project Description

A .NET wrapper of Cleware usb devices, including their USB Traffic Light. Makes it easy to integrate them as eXtreme Feedback Devices for your continuous integration.
The wrapper is fully documented, using the PDF documentation of Cleware.
You can find more information about this USB Mini Traffic Light on Cleware's site. You will need the USBAccess.dll available on their Download Section.

Available on NuGet

The easiest way to get started is to get this library and Samples as NuGet packages.


Low level wrapper

void Main()
	// Init driver
	var obj = UsbAccessWrapper.InitObject();
	// Open all connected devices
	var devicesCount = UsbAccessWrapper.OpenCleware(obj);
	// Set the red light on (first device)
	UsbAccessWrapper.SetSwitch(obj, 0, SwitchId.SWITCH_0, 1);
	// Uninit driver

Traffic Light level wrapper (beta, API may change in future versions)

void Main()
	// Init and uninit driver
	using(var mngr = new TrafficLightsManager())
		// Set the red light on on the "9989" traffic light (unique id) 
		mngr.TrafficLights[9989].Red = true;

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